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Journal Articles

Lim Saw, Chan Zheng Wen Samuel & Chai Wen Min, “Revisiting the Law of Confidence in Singapore and a Proposal for a New Tort of Misuse of Private Information” (2020) 32 Singapore Academy of Law Journal 891-963


Eliza Mik, ‘The Non-existent Problem of “Automated Contracts”’ – (2020) 36 Journal of Contract Law 1


Eliza Mik, ‘The Disappearing Computer: Consent and Disclosure in the World of Smart Objects’ – (2020) 20 (3) European Journal of Consumer Law 567


Eliza Mik, ‘Lost in Transmission: Unilateral Mistakes in Automated Contracts’ – (2020) 136 Law Quarterly Review 20 case note,
co-written with Prof Kelvin F.K. Low

Eliza Mik, ‘The Limits of Visual Law’ (2020) 8 Journal of Open Access to Law 1


Eliza Mik, ‘Pause the Blockchain Legal Revolution’ (2020) 69 International Comparative Law Quarterly, co-written with Kelvin F.K. Low, 135


Kung-Chung Liu / Shufeng Zheng, “Asian IP Law: An Area of Rising Importance” in GRUR (German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property) International (GRUR International, 0(0), 2020, 1–11).


Kung-Chung Liu, Trade War, Big Data, and Algorithm, The Taiwan Law Review, No. 303 (August 2020),


Kung-Chung Liu, IP and the Judiciary—Some Observations from Taiwan, SJT Law Review, No. 4 (October 2020), 70-85


Kung-Chung Liu/Haoran Zhang, Pre-established Damages for Copyright Infringement and Trademark Piracy, Law Review of Chongqing University, No. 3 (2020), 200-216





Cheng Lim Saw Information and Communications Technology Law in Singapore (Singapore: SAL Academy Publishing, 2020, 480 pages) (with Warren B Chik)


Kung-Chung Liu/Jyh-An Lee/Reto M. Hilty (eds.), Artificial Intelligence & Intellectual Property, Oxford University Press 2020 (forthcoming)


Kung-Chung Liu, Limitations of Trademark Rights in Major Asian Jurisdictions in Charting Limitations on Trademark Rights (Barton Beebe and Haochen Sun ed., Oxford University Press forthcoming 2020)


Kung-Chung Liu/Reto Hilty, Trade Secret Protection—Asia at a Crossroads, Wolters Kluwer 2021 (forthcoming)


Contributions to Books

Eliza Mik, ‘The Resilience of Contract Law in Light of Technological Change’ – chapter in ‘The Future of Contract Law,’ edited by Michael Furmston, in production (Routledge, in production, publication planned for mid-2020)

Eliza Mik, ‘The Non-existent Problem of “Automated Contracts”’ – paper undergoing final edits by the editor of the Journal of Contract Law, accepted for publication.

Eliza Mik, AI as a Legal Entity” – chapter in “Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property,” edited by Kung-Chung Liu, Jyh-An Lee and Reto Hilty, in production (to be published by Oxford University Press in 2020)

Eliza Mik, ‘Coding Contracts? The Practical Challenges of Expressing Obligations in Code’ – chapter in “Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Smart Contracts,” edited by Marcelo Corrales, Mark Fenwick and Stefan Wrbka, to be published by Edward Elgar Publishing.

Eliza Mik, ‘Engineering Consent: Using Technology to Create Informed Consumers’- chapter in “Research Handbook on Contract Design,” edited by Marcelo Corrales, Mark Fenwick and Helena Haapio, to be published by Hart Publishing.

Jianchen Liu, Patent Examination on Artificial Intelligence-related Inventions: An Overview of China, in Artificial Intelligence & Intellectual Property, in Jyh-An Lee/Reto M. Hilty/Kung-Chung Liu ( eds.), Oxford University Press (forthcoming 2020)

Kung-Chung Liu, Limitations and Exceptions in Copyright Law Across the Taiwan Strait, in Shyam Balganesh/Haochen Sun/NG-Loy Weeloon (ed.), Comparative Aspects of Limitations and Exceptions in Copyright Law, Cambridge University Press (forthcoming 2020)

Kung-Chung Liu & Shufeng Zheng, “Protection of and Access to Relevant Data — General Issues”, in Artificial Intelligence & Intellectual Property (Jyh-An Lee/Reto M. Hilty/Kung-Chung Liu (eds.), Oxford University Press (forthcoming 2020)

Prashant Reddy, ‘Metatags using third party trademarks on the internet – does this qualify as use of a trademark and, if so, is it infringement?’ (Tanya Aplin (ed.), Research Handbook on IP and Digital Technologies (forthcoming 2020) (co-authored with David Llewelyn)

Prashant Reddy, Trade secret protection in India – Leading Cases chapter in "Trade Secret Protection: Asia at Crossroads", Kung-Chung Liu/ Reto M. Hilty & (eds), Wolters Kluwer 2021 (forthcoming)

William Mak, "Case Reports on Singapore" - chapter in "Trade Secret Protection: Asia at Crossroads", Kung-Chung Liu/ Reto M. Hilty & (eds), Wolters Kluwer 2021 (forthcoming)

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