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Journal Articles

Eliza Mik, ‘The Limits of Visual Law’ (2020) 8 Journal of Open Access to Law 1


Eliza Mik, ‘Pause the Blockchain Legal Revolution’ (2020) 69 International Comparative Law Quarterly, co-written with Kelvin F.K. Low, 135


Kung-Chung Liu / Shufeng Zheng, “Asian IP Law: An Area of Rising Importance” in GRUR (German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property) International (GRUR International, 0(0), 2020, 1–11).





Kung-Chung Liu/Jyh-An Lee/Reto M. Hilty (eds.), Artificial Intelligence & Intellectual Property, Oxford University Press 2020 (forthcoming)


Kung-Chung Liu, Limitations of Trademark Rights in Major Asian Jurisdictions in Charting Limitations on Trademark Rights (Barton Beebe and Haochen Sun ed., Oxford University Press forthcoming 2020)


Contributions to Books

Eliza Mik, ‘The Resilience of Contract Law in Light of Technological Change’ – chapter in ‘The Future of Contract Law,’ edited by Michael Furmston, in production (Routledge, in production, publication planned for mid-2020)

Eliza Mik, ‘The Non-existent Problem of “Automated Contracts”’ – paper undergoing final edits by the editor of the Journal of Contract Law, accepted for publication.

Eliza Mik, AI as a Legal Entity” – chapter in “Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property,” edited by Kung-Chung Liu, Jyh-An Lee and Reto Hilty, in production (to be published by Oxford University Press in 2020)

Eliza Mik, ‘Coding Contracts? The Practical Challenges of Expressing Obligations in Code’ – chapter in “Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Smart Contracts,” edited by Marcelo Corrales, Mark Fenwick and Stefan Wrbka, to be published by Edward Elgar Publishing.

Eliza Mik, ‘Engineering Consent: Using Technology to Create Informed Consumers’- chapter in “Research Handbook on Contract Design,” edited by Marcelo Corrales, Mark Fenwick and Helena Haapio, to be published by Hart Publishing.

Jianchen Liu, Patent Examination on Artificial Intelligence-related Inventions: An Overview of China, in Artificial Intelligence & Intellectual Property, in Jyh-An Lee/Reto M. Hilty/Kung-Chung Liu ( eds.), Oxford University Press (forthcoming 2020)

Kung-Chung Liu, Limitations and Exceptions in Copyright Law Across the Taiwan Strait, in Shyam Balganesh/Haochen Sun/NG-Loy Weeloon (ed.), Comparative Aspects of Limitations and Exceptions in Copyright Law, Cambridge University Press (forthcoming 2020)

Kung-Chung Liu & Shufeng Zheng, “Protection of and Access to Relevant Data — General Issues”, in Artificial Intelligence & Intellectual Property (Jyh-An Lee/Reto M. Hilty/Kung-Chung Liu (eds.), Oxford University Press (forthcoming 2020)

Prashant Reddy, ‘Metatags using third party trademarks on the internet – does this qualify as use of a trademark and, if so, is it infringement?’ (Tanya Aplin (ed.), Research Handbook on IP and Digital Technologies (forthcoming 2020) (co-authored with David Llewelyn)

Last updated on 12 Jun 2020 .