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Annotated Leading Copyright Cases in Major Asian Jurisdictions

By Kung-Chung Liu

This research project, titled “Annotated Leading Copyright Cases in Major Asian Jurisdiction,” is envisaged as the second in a series project of “Cases and Materials on IP Law in Asia.” The series project will result in a series of books, which aim at becoming a handy reference for lawyers as well as businesses in Asia. To date, no book exists with annotated intellectual property cases in Asia in English. The various volumes in this series will fill this void.

The second volume in the series focuses on leading copyright cases in Asia. In particular, this project aims at addressing cases related to the following aspects of Asian copyright law: (1) Digital Copyright (the digitalization of works, its online or cloud use and dissemination etc.); (2) Collective Copyright (management of copyright, collecting societies and the interface with competition law); (3) Criminal Copyright (the criminal punishment of copyright infringement); (4) Limiting Copyright: Fair Use/Exhaustion (digital copyright); (5) Overlapping Protection between copyright and other IP rights. To this end, the second volume in the series will summarize and critically analyse twenty-four cases from several jurisdictions in Asia. Approximately twenty academics and professionals will contribute to this project. 

The outcome of this project is a book titled “Annotated Leading Copyright Cases in Major Asian Jurisdiction” edited by Kung-Chung Liu, published by City University of Hong Kong Press in 2019.

Last updated on 16 Jun 2021 .